At Clinic Shooting Personhood Supporter On Scene Saving Lives

* August 2016 NYT/LAT/Reuters MEDIA UPDATE: CRTL predicts that even with the latest NY Times inquiry about candidates Hillary Clinton and Mike Pence being in Colorado Springs, just as occured when the media called initially about the clinic shootings, and then again when the abortion mill reopened, the media's negligence will continue on their failure to report on the petition signature (see just below) of the heroic officer killed at Planned Parenthood. Journalists from the New York Times (Jack Healy, Noah Remnick), the Los Angeles Times (Denver-based freelancer for the Times David Kelly), and Reuters (Keith Coffman), have called Colorado RTL asking about the Colorado Springs abortion clinic shooting. We offered to show each of them the information below, the signature of the police officer who was killed there at Planned Parenthood while trying to save lives, who had signed our pro-life personhood petition. Each media outlet in turn has refused to report on the astounding fact that the hero who died on scene, Officer Garrett Swasey, was involved, along with his wife Rachel and their church, in our personhood efforts to protect every child by love and by law. Consider...

* It's What You Do: If you're a personhood supporter you try to save lives at abortion clinics. It's what you do. A personhood supporter, officer Garrett Swasey, was there on scene during the Planned Parenthood clinic shootings on Friday, November 27th. This anti-abortionist intervened in an attempt to save lives. This is exactly what personhood supporters do. The government and the media want to tie the murderer to the pro-life community. Instead, we have actual evidence, actually, proof, that a hero who was there, on scene, who was trying to stop the murder, was in fact part of the personhood movement!

* It's What They Do: If you're a godless reporter, you blame massacres on those trying to save lives. It's what you do. Yet if a Planned Parenthood abortionist were to rip a limb off of a living fetal pig, your typical "pro-choicer" would fly into a rage. But the media celebrates Planned Parenthood dismembering the tiniest boys and girls.

* Officer Garrett Swasey Personhood Supporter: Officer Swasey not only signed our personhood petition (see immediately below) but he also attended a pastors' briefing that CRTL and Personhood Colorado helped organize in 2014. And as a leader in his church, Hope Chapel, Garrett made sure that the congregation there had the opportunity to sign our petitions which enabled pro-lifers, election after election, to get our personhood amendment on Colorado's statewide ballot.

Colorado's Death Culture Voted for the Suicide Proposition 106

Post-Election Update and Condemnation of the "No" Campaign: Sixty-five percent of Colorado voters openly side with the death culture and now will bear the guilt for each innocent person intentionally killed. This new "law", being in violation of God's law and contradicting His enduring command, "Do not kill the innocent", has no actual authority. Though it will be implemented by the wicked, Proposition 106 is, in reality, no law at all. Our CRTL spokesmen appeared at a number of election forums warning voters about euthanasia. We can report to you that the "No on 106" campaign was itself an immoral and godless effort. The only objections to 106 made by the so-called "No" campaign were mere technicalities. The "No" campaign amounted to nothing other than the offering of suggestions for how to improve proposed euthanasia legislation. This agnostic and "amoral" strategy has always been a predictable failure in the efforts to fight both abortion and euthanasia. Please see for example at our sister organization's site,  

From the American Family Association's OneNewsNow on Colorado's deadly Proposition 106:


Pro-life groups in Colorado are rushing to educate voters on the issue of euthanasia because they will soon be heading to the ballot box to decide whether to legitimize the controversial practice often euphemized as "mercy killing." In most states – when the electorate is fully informed on the issue – they vote down doctor-assisted suicide, but Christians already have their source of accurate information.

Colorado Right To Life spokesman Bob Enyart appeals to Scripture to shine light on the matter and quotes Exodus 23:7, which states, "Do not kill the innocent." He went on to mention that God also warned through the prophet Ezekiel, "Do not profane Me by killing people who should not die [the innocent] and keeping people alive who should not live [the guilty]."

CRTL says that many progressives pay little heed to these biblical warnings.

"So it's not surprising that virtually all the secular groups that oppose the death penalty – which would execute the guilty – those same groups also advocate killing the innocent … whether the unborn child or the infirm," the pro-life advocate asserts. "Liberals generally, in fact, support protecting the guilty and killing the innocent."

Proposition 106 "Safeguards" Already Ignored: Colorado has already euthanized a young handicapped boy when Denver's Children's Hospital supported the plan to starve to death young Dylan Walborn. It is not immoral to let an irreversibly dying person die; it is immoral to kill an innocent person who is not dying. Dylan was not dying. See Yet the spokesmen of the death culture employ Orwellian newspeak to deny that he was euthanized, merely because they do not recognize the method used to kill Dylan, starvation, as euthanasia. Dylan was euthanized. And (not that it would matter, but) without his consent. His horrific slow murder stands as a warning to those deceived into trusting the "safeguards" of Proposition 106. When it comes to the intentional killing of the innocent, there are no safeguards. As documented by the Denver Post through their stupor, little Dylan was judged better off dead by Denver's Children's Hospital, Porter Hospice, a Denver social worker, and his public school teacher, so he was starved to death over a period of twenty-four days. Perhaps more would understand the truth of what they did to Dylan if they would have used a gun.

Top Republican Candidates Support Killing Unborn Children

CRTL on Trump, Pence, and Glenn: Not suprisingly, while Colorado Right To Life has criticized Republican U.S. Senate candidate Darryl Glenn for being double-minded regarding the dismembering of unborn children (of all things to be double-minded about!) not surprisingly, National Right To Life, the organization that opposes laws and candidates attempting to uphold the unborn child's right to life, has endorsed him.

Consider then from the Durango Herald's Peter Marcus in their Sunday edition:

all-top-republican-candidates-are-pro-choiceDurango, Sept. 4, 2016: Colorado Right to Life’s concerns with [U.S. Senate Republican candidate Darryl] Glenn revolve around a statement he made on abortion that, “As a person who has two adult daughters, I put myself in that situation. ... And at some point in time, maybe they might have to make that decision. But that is a personal decision that they have to make between them and ... God.” [CRTL: Of course, that is Barack Obama's position too. Yet:] Glenn has described himself as an “unapologetic Christian pro-life” candidate.

Bob Enyart, spokesman for Colorado Right to Life, said every top-ticket candidate “will continue to intentionally kill unborn children by their policies,” including Trump.

Enyart called Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, a “political opportunist who passes meaningless regulations of child killing to advance his political career.” [See this documented at]

“So while many pro-life leaders and groups love being lied to, and go back over and over again to be treated like political harlots, at Colorado Right To Life, we don’t support those who advocate killing children, especially if they claim to be Christian, conservative, Republican, or pro-life,” Enyart added.

Shocking Stand: CRTL is grateful for the Durango Herald and everyone who has helped us to get this vital message out to Colorado voters. While some find this shocking, believe it or not, Colorado Right To Life opposes every person who advocates for the intentional killing of innocent people.

October 2016 Glenn Update: If Darryl Glenn was willing to support exceptions to anti-lynching laws, CRTL would oppose him. Thus as of his October statement to Colorado Public Radio about which children Glenn would consent to killing, CRTL continues to warn voters about this child killer. Because moral corruption leads even to mathematical confusion, Glenn said, "I am 100 percent pro-life... however, [I] support legal exceptions for rape, incest, and life of the mother." To find out more about Donald Trump and Mike Pence, please visit our sister website CRTL has provided much of the research for many of those incontrovertibly documented profiles. For those wondering how influential these profiles are, just Google: trump pro-life. You should see that Google ranks our profile the #1 webpage out of many thousands of related sites.



CO State & Fed Candidate Survey Responses

At our Colorado RTL Blog: See the Colorado State & Federal Candidate Positions & Survey Responses

And for more, see the CRTL Blog homepage.

At our Colorado RTL Blog: For our 2016 report, please see the Colorado State & Federal Candidate Positions & Survey Responses

And for more, see the CRTL Blog homepage. Also, the CRTL directors thank Ed Hanks for his great help at the capitol and on this blog! 

Historical Archive

9News revisionism on Baby Aurora by Anastasiya Bolton

* The Girl Who Was Not a Person: Denver's NBC news affiliate misreported that Dynel Lane's younger victim "baby Aurora [was found] dead in the bathtub." Defending her May 15, 2016 report (see Tweets, below), Anastasiya Bolton confused questions of legal personhood with the matter of biological death. That Aurora appeared struggling in the eyewitness testimony to the police as recorded in the arrest warrant affidavit is overt evidence of biological life, even in a pro-abortion society that claims that living babies, in and even out of the womb, cannot be "persons" until they take a breath. (Pictured on right: Aurora, the girl who was not a person.)

* Excerpt from the Dynel Lane Arrest Warrant Affidavit: The following image is from the Probable Cause Arrest Affidavit for Dynel Lane in the Boulder County arrest report, page 5.


* A Tragic Example of Struggling and Alive but Not Breathing: Here's a little one much younger than Baby Aurora, but this 2-minute video, terribly difficult to watch, will help some people understand what it means to be alive outside of the womb though not breathing.

* Correction Requested from 9News on Behalf of Living Children Everywhere: Colorado RTL requests that Anastasiya Bolton and NBC affiliate 9News issue a correction something along the lines of the following...

Regarding Michelle Wilkin's baby Aurora, on May 15, 2016, 9News wrongly implied that not meeting a legal definition for "person" equates to "dead". We wrongly extrapolated from the coroner's report and claimed that Aurora was found "dead in the bathtub." The prosecutors did not file homicide charges because of testimony that Aurora did not take a breath. But that does not discount the arrest warrant affidavit which states that "David [Ridley] found a small baby [and] rolled it over to hear and see it take a gasping breath." Regardless of Colorado law, it was incorrect to describe Aurora as "dead" when she was found.

* Biological Falsehood from 9News about Baby Aurora
: As described in a radio interview with CRTL spokesperson Leslie Hanks, of course 9News would never report that Michelle Wilkins was carrying a dead baby. But then, when did the precious girl die? Adding biological insult to legal injury, Anastasiya Bolton gets it wrong...



* Tweets To and From 
Anastasiya Bolton:

#BabyAurora gasped for air ~ are you re-writing history?

@Leslieforlife no re-writing here. that was the original report which the coroner later said was not accurate. she never took a breath. 

@Leslieforlife I'm familiar w the original story. I reported it based on what was said. we don't change the story - just report facts.

Bolton of course would not describe all the babies born in the maternity ward in Longmont United Hospital as "dead" until they took their first breaths. And 9News interviewing a pregnant woman wouldn't ever refer to her unborn child as "dead" just because it hadn't yet taken a breath. Clearly, Bolton feels better about reporting that Aurora was not a person by thinking of the girl as dead. But she was not dead. She was killed... that girl who was not a person.

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Nat'l RTL's Tony Lauinger Meets Abolitionists

Founder of Abolish Human Abortion Confronts Nat'l RTL VP: In the Oklahoma capitol building National Right To Life's vice president Tony Lauinger meets AHA's T. Russell Hunter and other abolitionists. The extraordinary battle in Oklahoma City over Senate Bill 1118, supported by 22 state senators and opposed by National Right To Life, which would have ended all state-sanctioned child killing by acknowledging that abortion is murder.


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